Essential Docs of 2018

film comment

Crime + Punishment is included in the “Essential Docs of 2018” issue of Film Comment magazine, which has always had sharp and interesting reviews and analysis. Huge thanks to Sierra Pettengill for the very thoughtful writing - an extra special honor coming from such a smart filmmaker as herself.

“Profiling a dozen cops in as many New York neighborhoods, trailing Gomez’s dogged pursuit to get a teenager out of Rikers, shadowing that teenager’s mother, tracking the cop’s efforts in the media and through the legal system, and subtly revealing the atmosphere of fear and distrust on the streets that’s engendered by the policy - this is a directorial feat not for the faint of heart. It’s a testament to Maing’s impeccable craft, long-term dedication, and cinematic instincts that the film carries along on its on forward momentum.” 


IDA Awards Crime + Punishment "Courage Under Fire" Award

The IDA’s Courage Under Fire Award — given from time to time to a filmmaker who demonstrates extraordinary courage in pursuit of the truth — will be presented to director Stephen Maing and all of the NYPD12 whistleblowers of “Crime + Punishment.”

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